A Simple Decision Making Framework - You Tend To Find What You’re Looking For


When The Future Explorers™ rip my head open and look inside, they’re going to find a fucking mess. They’re going to find stupid idea after stupid idea, all linked together and stored as things I wanted to do but never did because humans experience time linearly and die before all the things get done.

On the flip side, if we didn’t die until we finished all the things we want to do, there’d be billions of old ass fucks running around trying to finish all the things so they could just die already. Or they’d just blow their heads off and be done with it.

I think the most successful people learn early on that if they want to get anything done, they need to focus. They need to block out all the crap that doesn’t move them closer to finishing.

Then there’s me. I want to do all the things all the time. And I have these moments, which I can measure in days, maybe even weeks, where I bog down everything and weigh the possibility of interrupting the current thing in favor of a new idea. Focus is not what I’m best at.

The Best Decision Making Framework Ever Invented

But I’ve come up with a way to decide between competing choices. It’s called the coin flip method. Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? It’s where you take a coin, assign each choice to a side, then flip the coin into the river and pick the choice that you were hoping would come up had you not been a dumbass and flipped the coin into the river*. It’s that easy.

“But A-ron, that’s stupid, I have more choices than just two. What should I do then?”

Since nothing is real and money is only a construct, you could build a single elimination tournament bracket pitting all the choices against each other. Then for each “matchup” do the coin flip method and whittle it down until you have only a single choice remaining. I guarantee the choice that wins will be the one you were rooting for the most all along.

You’re The Authority, Not Some Other Jackass

When we start having trouble deciding, what we’re really doing is seeking permission to do the thing we really want to do. We want some authority figure that doesn’t exist to say, “yes, that’s the correct choice that will certainly work out like you want it to.” But we all know that certainty doesn’t exist.

When I tell my doctor the inner web says the itch on my nose is probably super-syphallus-cancer-tuberculosis, he always responds, “when you go on the inner web, you tend to find what you’re looking for.” Decisions are no different, but we like having reassurance that we’re choosing right. But we also know that there’s no such thing as “right.”

We get stuck in this modern world because God made us mortal and put us on this violent, volatile planet, then evolved us to this and dusted off his hands and said, “good luck, mother fuckers.” Then He went back to Heaven where it’s nothing but blow jobs, orgasms, and cocaine.

We can’t choose to do everything. So might as well choose the thing that feels the best.



*A river isn’t a necessity. You could take the coin and throw it off a cliff, or into the ocean, or onto the top of a really tall building, if you think you have the arm strength (hint: you don’t). I think you get the point.

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